Data Management Plan

This report presents the procedures and strategy to be followed in PIONEERS for data handling and to ensure its research data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. It includes the principles for data processing, the security measures to be implemented and the informed consent procedures in regard to data.


Quality Management Plan

This report presents the project quality control strategy and a peer review system that will be followed towards all project deliverables and procedures.


International partners Legal and Ethical Compliance

This report focuses on the various compliance aspects of international partners. It is an easy-to-use handbook for them and the project coordinator throughout the project.


Cross-cooperation & synergies plan (early version)

This report provides a detailed overview explaining the initiatives PIONEERS is partnering with, the added value to bring from such synergies and an evaluation of the impact of the concrete actions developed in task 10.3.


Communication and Dissemination strategy

The report elaborates the PIONEERS communication & dissemination strategy and explains how the tools will be developed along the project duration.


Detailed requirements for the assessment method

The report presents the detailed requirements for the assessment model, data needs and KPIs against which the PORTable innovations are tested, with a focus on the methodology for the assessment method and which data needs to be provided.


Co-transferability innovation and implementation framework and plan for co-transferability

This report presents a detailed description of the CIIF framework, how it is applied, and plan for the Co-transferability process.


State of the art of the European Green Ports Master Plans

This report elaborates on the state of the art of the European Green Ports and the specific Masterplan measures and methodology developed of each port of the consortium.


Innovation assessment results of year 1

Report of the main innovation assessment results, including the innovation radar map containing the assessment result in visual form, the potential impact and the associated timeline.