February 16, 2022


Vectos is a transport planning and infrastructure design consultancy with experience leading international research and development projects across Europe and beyond. By supporting the development, piloting, and evaluation of the latest innovations in urban mobility and logistics related to carbon emissions reductions, Vectos fully recognises the importance of integrating energy and transport systems in order to reach the Green Deal objectives.

Regarding green ports, Vectos was the Innovation WP leader in the recently concluded CIVITAS PORTIS project and provides strategic planning advice to Associated British Ports, optimising the use of land while ensuring the continuity and efficiency of port operations.




Vectos will provide input to the WP1 (Innovation Process) and lead WP8 (Co-transferability of PIONEERS innovations), working together with partners across the four ports to understand the specific opportunities and challenges of transferring demonstrations to their context, resulting in Action Plans for testing, implementation and scale-up of green ports solutions. Vectos will also provide input to WP2 and Masterplan development with SUMP integration and “Vision & Validate” methodology.