VDL Automated Vehicles


February 17, 2022

VDL Automated Vehicles

VDL Automated Vehicles is a business unit within VDL’s biggest system integration activity named VDL Steelweld Group. VDL Groep innovates through a combination of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and high-quality machinery. VDL cooperates in projects in which it creates AGVs that operate on a world class top level. 




VDL will have a strong presence in the Research & Development phase by offering advice to terminal operators on operations with electrical heavy duty AGVs. Moreover, the hardware of electrical AGV will have a drive-by-wire vehicle control architecture, which can be interfaced with automated software of partner AKKA, and it will be made available for further software development, and will be compliant with the EU. 


VDL will also provide a framework for business case comparison between conventional container port shuttle costs and electrified automated container shuttles.