Unique floating PV energy production project in Constanta Port!

Unique floating PV energy production project in Constanta Port!

In the scope of the 19 demos of the PIONEERS project with specific reference to the field of production, storage and supply of renewable energy, Constanța Port launched a new project to produce photovoltaic energy through a floating PV system located in berth 99.


The system is designed to produce 15,000 kWh annually and withstand a wave amplitude of one meter. It is unique in its mobility and can be moved where there is a need to supply electricity. The Maritime Ports Administration Constanța intends to provide electricity in the area of berth 99 and its extension for public lighting and tugboats, using the energy produced by this innovative system.


The system is composed of floaters, an anchoring system, a platform accessible to the staff, equipment for cable installation, solar panels, and energy storage systems and allows easy remote data transmission. Depending on the progress of the new project, it could be multiplied for the areas of Constanța port which have no access to electricity.


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September 27, 2022