Stad Antwerpen


February 16, 2022

Stad Antwerpen

The city of Antwerp is the largest city of Flanders and one of the 13 “central cities” that perform a central function vis-à-vis their environment, in diverse areas such as mobility, employment, health care, education, culture and recreation. To address traffic issues, the Flemish government invested in all transport modes ensuring flowing traffic, safer roads, and a higher quality of life. 


The City of Antwerp manages questions of public transport systems and cycle infrastructure in the region with the ambition of shifting half of all the movements in the wider Antwerp region towards more sustainable modes of transport by 2030. Moreover, the City of Antwerp has developed their innovative Smart Ways to Antwerp approach which have provided both the city and Antwerp Transport Region with a good insight in the mobility usage and travel behaviour, thus becoming pioneers in behavioural change. 




The city of Antwerp will lead Task 6.2.2. focusing on realising a modal/flex/time shift in the commute of port employees. The collaborative approach with the port companies that are developed in the Pioneers project will be integrated with the broader modal shift programme of the city and the transport region. The city of Antwerp will also actively contribute to task 7.2. digital twin development with a focus on the interaction between the port and urban logistics.