February 17, 2022


Prodevelop is a SME specialised in consulting, development, deploying, and operating solutions for the maritime industry, mainly ports and terminals. The research lines at Prodevelop include Internet of Things, interoperability of sensor systems through edge/distributed architectures, geoprocessing services, embedded software, geospatial technologies in mobile desktop, Web and service environments, Cognitive systems, HPCs and Digital Twins. 


Prodevelop is a leader of Port Management Solutions at both, national and international levels.  Through top-notch European R&D and international commercial projects, Prodevelop has gained a wide experience in several areas, such as developing products and integrating solutions for their main business areas (i.e., Port, Maritime, and Geospatial systems). Moreover, Prodevelop has collaborated with and developed for the Port of Barcelona (PoB) applications for port and maritime operations management.




Prodevelop will help to collect the current practices in the PoB and gather information about the infrastructure and existing processes. It will also contribute to finding user needs and creating the list of requirements and functionalities of the final system.


Prodevelop will integrate the Port Twin Digital software in the PoB, enabling isolated assets and connecting data sources, as well as integrate other technologies and processes to the port using a MaaS platform and other provided tools. Moreover, Prodevelop will also perform the Vessel Traffic Optimization integration in the PoB and develop a tool to speed up and improve the communication between Port Community and the Control Tower.