February 16, 2022


PROCTER & GAMBLE is a global leader in consumer products with thousands of innovators in development centres. The Procter & Gamble Services Company (PGBS)’ Innovation Centre (BIC) performs key activities for holistic product innovation for Fabric and Home Care products and these activities include technology development, consumer understanding, product, package and process design, industrial and brand design as well as engineering.


The engineers and digitization experts develop strategies and approaches for the collaboration and deployment across the plants in Europe and technology avenues such as big data analysis of plant data and process analytics are created and then implemented in the plants in Europe. This is enabled by a collaboration between process R&D experts, process engineers and chemists. 




P&G runs most of its European Import/Export Business via containers out of the Inland Terminal in Willebroek, which has scheduled Barge connections to the Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Therefore, better barge management and reliability will provide several opportunities to improve the supply chain and make it more sustainable. Battery operated barges will further reduce the footprint of this already desirable mode of transport, and semi-autonomous barges will make it more productive and competitive. 


P&G Services NV is one of the leading P&G Global Technical Centres, with more than 600 Researchers and Engineers and has a long history of participating in EU funded Project Consortia, including ones on logistic and Supply Chain innovation.