Port of Barcelona is the winner of the 2022 ESPO Award

Port of Barcelona is the winner of the 2022 ESPO Award

We proudly announce that the Port of Barcelona, one of the PIONEERS’ partners, won the 2022 ESPO Award!


On the 8th of November, the Port Authority of Barcelona has been awarded the ESPO Award 2022, in acknowledgement of projects aimed at the social inclusion of ports, mainly in recognition of the role of maritime passenger transport in enhancing city connectivity and bringing added value to the local community.


Its project “Your Port Opens Up Again” is centred on the integration of Barcelona’s old port and city through the completion of the reorganization of the flows of passenger traffic, solving most of the congestion problems and returning precious space on the waterfront.


In PIONEERS, the Port of Barcelona has a crucial role in the Master Plan elaboration, focusing on the implementation of innovations converting the enhancement of the city connectivity and the creation of added value to the local communities.


Want to know more about the innovations implemented by Port of Barcelona? Check the video here.


November 15, 2022