Port de Barcelona


February 16, 2022

Port of Barcelona

Located in Catalonia, the Port of Barcelona is the main Mediterranean transport and services infrastructure and is a logistics gateway that links markets such as the Far East and Latin America. As one of the leaders in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, the port’s continued increase in goods and passengers has placed it in a leading position in several segments of traffic.


With over 30 terminals able to transport all kinds of products, the main traffic at the Port of Barcelona comprises containerised cargo and high-value goods, such as consumer and electronic goods and motor vehicles. Barcelona is the leading cruise port in Europe and the world’s fourth-largest turnaround port, the first Mediterranean port for new automobiles and the third largest container port in Spain.



As a fellow port, participating in all the stages of PIONEERS, from the co-definition of the solutions, demonstrations, to the co-transferability and scale-up, PoB will have a special focus in the Master Plan elaboration.