PIONEERS Technical Visit at MedRepair

PIONEERS Technical Visit at MedRepair

The PIONEERS partners, Port of Antwerp Bruges, AKKA, VDL and MedRepair, attended a technical visit at Medrepair that took place on 6 April 2022, with regard to Task 7.2: “Automated Container Shuttle Solutions”.


Task 7.2 concerns the development of a “logistics-as-a-service” demonstrator. Moreover, specific developments will be done to set up a Transport-as-a-Service oriented platform, that will connect the automated vehicle to the overall digital infrastructure for optimized operations. Once safety testing is performed, the demonstrations will be run in close cooperation with the involved terminal and depot (MPET, MedRepair) to collect all necessary data for performance evaluation and impact assessment in line with the long-term Green Deal expectations.


The goal of this technical visit to MedRepair was for AKKA and VDL to learn about the demo site and the operations at MedRepair, as well as for all involved partners to get insights into the challenges MedRepair faces during its operations and understand possible technical challenges related to the demo.


May 4, 2022