PIONEERS featured on Port of Barcelona platform PierNext

PIONEERS featured on Port of Barcelona platform PierNext

Barcelona hosted on 8-9 November 2023, the General Assembly of PIONEERS. Several consortium partners engaged in insightful interviews, providing perspectives on the future of port sustainability and highlighting the pivotal role of the PIONEERS project in shaping sustainable ports.

Thanks to diverse technological and social landscapes, PIONEERS members share a common commitment to sustainable development bringing a new perspective to Green Ports. Pieter Vandermeeren, Green Port Master Planner from PoAB, emphasized the collaborative spirit among all partners. Tim Durant, Associate Director of Transport & Mobility Planning at SLR Consulting, further complemented this, saying it makes work more efficient and accelerates progress.


The transferability of both data and knowledge stands as a key priority for PIONEERS. Giannis Kanellopoulos, Scientific and Technical Director of PIONEERS from ICCS, highlighted the project’s dedication to sharing innovations beyond its members, focusing on clean energy, sustainable port design, modal shift optimization, and digital transformation.


Inge De Wolf, the PIONEERS project coordinator from PoAB, elaborated on the framework established to identify barriers during implementation processes, with workshops aimed at exploring mitigating effects and solutions. Inge De Wolf emphasized that overcoming non-technological barriers, such as social, environmental, and political factors, is an opportunity to share valuable information among partner ports.


Manuela Flachi, the project’s communications manager from Magellan Circle, highlighted the intensive use of social networks to raise awareness about PIONEERS. The goal is to make communities understand the objectives of the project, fostering a sense of participation in shaping the green ports of the future.


Carles Rúa, Head of Innovation at the Port of Barcelona, emphasized the port’s commitment to sustainable development, highlighting PoB involvement in several demos, such as the implementation of 5G to accelerate the digitalization process to reduce environmental impact.


PierNext is a digital knowledge hub promoted by the Port of Barcelona to disseminate the innovation that is transforming logistics and international trade, with special emphasis on the port and maritime sector.


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December 20, 2023