PIONEERS featured in the OCEAN documentary by Euronews!

PIONEERS featured in the OCEAN documentary by Euronews!

We are thrilled to announce that PIONEERS is featured in the Euronew’s documentary OCEAN.


Recently, the ports of Bruges and Antwerp have merged into one of the largest ports in Europe with an ambition to become one of the most sustainable. But how will this goal be achieved?


The second episode of Euronews‘ OCEAN documentary explains the commitment of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges to scale up the current state-of-the-art and the path towards fulfilling the goals of a sustainable port.


In PIONEERS, 19 demonstrations will be implemented, providing concrete solutions at a local level, in the 4 pillars of the project: clean energy production, storage and supply, modal shift and flows optimisation, sustainable port design, and digital transformation. By the end of the project, the ambition is to deliver a Green Port Master Plan that can be used for ports across Europe and beyond. Therefore, PIONEERS plays an important role in decreasing the environmental impact of ports while staying competitive.


Thanks to the European Commission, and PIONEERS project coordinator Inge de Wolf alongside consortium partners PSA Belgium, SEAFAR, Stad Antwerpen and Antwerp Terminal NV, you have the opportunity to understand what is currently being done in Port of Antwerp-Bruges.


Watch the series here or on Euronew’s youtube channel 


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March 1, 2023