PIONEERS continues Shaping the Green Ports of the Future

PIONEERS continues Shaping the Green Ports of the Future

On November 21st 2022, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges held an inspiring and constructive meeting with Gerwin Zomer (Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation – BISCI), Pieter Vandermeeren (PoAB), Eva Burm (PoAB), and Peter Van Wijlick (Port of Venlo) to discuss the approach for a Green Port Master Plan.


From discussing several topics in the morning: systems theory, systems design, ecosystem innovation, economic growth and transhipment volume growth in port scenario planning and the relevance of modal shift policies if all transport modes have to become carbon neutral anyway, the partners successfully integrated these conceptual models into a pragmatic approach for Green Port Master planning.


PIONEERS project is continuously working hard on the co-creating and development of the Master Plan to address the challenges faced by European ports to reduce their environmental impact while remaining competitive and offering added value in a sustainable global trade ecosystem.


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November 21, 2022