PIONEERS at TransportNET

PIONEERS at TransportNET

On the 31st of March 2023, ​Jeffrey Willems, PIONEERS partner, attended the TransportNET event organised by the University of Antwerp.


In March 2003, a network of top academic institutions engaged in high-level education and transport research, known as TransportNET, was established. This year, a full-day conference was organised to celebrate the 20 years of TransportNET.


In the morning, several PhD students presented their key research topics. Jeffrey Willems from the University of Antwerp presented his PhD research topic on green, digital and multimodal port innovation, which actively contributes to the PIONEERS project. During the afternoon, professors presented their strategic transport research views and participated in panels with junior and senior researchers, TransportNET alumni, and industry and policy stakeholders.


As mentioned by Jeffrey, it was a “multimodal and interdisciplinary expertise exchange between organisations and universities“, an incredible opportunity to get to know many relevant stakeholders and exchange thoughts on the several subjects raised during the event!


April 4, 2023