PIONEERS at TRA2022 – Download the presentations!

PIONEERS at TRA 2022 – Download the presentations!

PIONEERS attended the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility – the Transport Research Arena (TRA), from 14 to 17 November 2022.


On November 16th, 4 EU GREEN Deal H2020 projects – StarGate Project srls | OLGA Project | PIONEERS Ports | MAGPIE – were represented at the European Commission booth in a joint conversation on how ports and airports can contribute to achieving EU Green Deal goals of climate neutrality by 2050.


Thierry Vanelslander (University of Antwerp) presented the PIONEERS project’s aims and developments towards the environmental impact reduction alongside Maarten Flikkema, who represented MAGPIE, PIONEERS sister project. During the conversation, a particular focus was on the projects’ complementarities in shaping a Green Port Masterplan.


“Ports and airports play a key role in the decarbonisation of transport and the logistic chains. One of our ambitions is to exploit the synergies between these projects,” said Marcel Rommerts, Head of Transport Research Unit at CINEA, at the beginning of Strategic Session 3.2. – Sustainable Ports and Airports, where PIONEERS was represented in the discussion by Inge de Wolf, PIONEERS Project Coordinator, who discussed about the integration of PIONEERS’ ambition and innovations in the EU strategic policy and the implementation of the roadmap.


On November 17th, Bart Paijmans presented PIONEERS at the ALICE ETP booth in the Logistics Innovation Theatre, speaking about PIONEERS’ role in the energy transition in Europe and focusing on the Green Straddle Carriers Demo inside the Sustainable Port Design Pillar.


Valeria Burlando, PIONEERS Communication Manager, answered the questions on how PIONEERS will achieve its objectives, during the four days at the ALICE booth!


The TRA Conference was an incredible chance to broaden the PIONEERS stakeholder community, get in touch with colleagues and enjoy great moments together!


Download the presentations:

Thierry Vanelslander, PIONEERS’ presentation at European Commision booth | 16 November 2022

Inge De Wolf, Strategic Session 3.2. – Sustainable Ports and Airports presentations | 16 November 2022

Bart Paijmans, PIONEERS’ presentation at ALICE ETP booth | 17 November 2022


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November 21, 2022