PIONEERS at the Green Deal Arena

PIONEERS at the Green Deal Arena

PIONEERS attends the Green Deal Arena to co-create a fair and sustainable Europe on 4th October 2022. Christian Norden, Innovation Manager within the PIONEERS project and Consultant at BAL, and Manuela Flachi, Senior Transport Manager at Magellan Circle, gather both online and in person (Brussels), respectively, with high-level participants from diverse local movements, policy groups, and research institutes working on just sustainability transitions across Europe.


This represents a unique opportunity to learn more about transition thinking applied to the PIONEERS project and be involved in downscaling EU-level policies to a regional level, discovering valuable insights into how it works on the ground.


The main topics to explore are the leading players in Europe that are contributing to Green Deals objectives in practice; the way organisations can co-create transition pathways for just and sustainable change; and how we can bridge the ‘shared’ middle ground between, for example, collectives/individuals, theory/practice, and social/technical innovations.


October 4, 2022