PIONEERS at MAGPIE Port-City Conference 2023

PIONEERS at MAGPIE Port-City Conference 2023

MAGPIE, the sister project of PIONEERS, hosted the MAGPIE Port-City Conference on 27th September 2023, in Le Havre, France. This event was co-organised by HAROPA Port (the first French commercial port), AIVP (International Association of Port Cities), and the 43 other partners from the MAGPIE consortium.


The event focused on the role of local authorities in shaping the future of ports. It served as a platform to showcase MAGPIE’s innovations, namely onshore power supply, alternative fuels and digital tools. The afternoon featured dedicated workshops that explored these topics.


During workshop 2, the speakers discussed the benefits of monitoring emissions. Wouter Schmidt (University of Antwerp), a PIONEERS consortium partner, presented the case of the PIONEERS project on impact assessment and evaluation for new innovations in the port environment. Martijn Streng (Erasmus University Rotterdam), a MAGPIE consortium partner, also shared insights on MAGPIE’s perspective on the subject.


Remarkable similarities in the approach between the two projects were underlined and further explored. This presents a unique opportunity for mutual learning and strengthening collaboration. In the near future, an online meeting is foreseen with the aim of exchanging methodologies, sharing lessons learned, and exchanging tips and tricks essential for assessing the innovative demos of the projects.


Thank you to all participants who attended and contributed actively to the enriching discussions and presentations!


MAGPIE (sMArt Green Ports as Integrated Efficient multimodal hubs) aims to force a breakthrough in the supply and use of green energy carriers in transport to, from and within ports. Furthermore, the project will facilitate and contribute to decarbonising port-related transport by demonstrating and implementing smart solutions in digitalisation and automation.


September 28, 2023