PIONEERS and MAGPIE’s interactive workshop

PIONEERS and MAGPIE’s interactive workshop

PIONEERS and MAGPIE, two flagship green port projects of the European Commission, hosted an engaging workshop on 24 April 2024, in Paris, France.


Titled “Smart Green Ports of the Future”, this session took on the format of an interactive “Dragon’s Den” style game, showcasing four innovative solutions from both projects aimed at revolutionizing the maritime industry.


Gearte Nynke Noteboom from Zero Emission Services presented PIONEERS’ demonstration “Corridor of Modular Docking Stations for Energy Containers”, followed by Celeste Muilwijk from the Port of Rotterdam, who introduced MAGPIE’s demo “Spreading Road Traffic”. Chiara Saragani from CENIT presented PIONEERS’ “Maritime 5G for Intelligent Vessel Location” and then, Muriel Andurand from CIRCOE showcased MAGPIE’s demonstration: “Digital Tools for Carbon and Multimodality”.


The on-site participants acted as the jury of these four pitches, evaluating each demo pitch against three key criteria: scalability, innovation level and potential risks. After the count of the jury’s votes, Chiara Saragani from CENIT was the winner of the workshop!


Congratulations to Chiara and all the speakers, as well as our moderators Inge de Wolf, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, PIONEERS project coordinator, and Arne-Jan Polman, Port of Rotterdam, MAGPIE’s project coordinator.


Thank you to all participants for their insightful contributions and for joining us both in person and online.


Recording of the workshop is available here.


Have a look at the photo gallery and immerse yourself in the world of #PIONEERSeuports!


April 26, 2024