February 17, 2022


Panteia B.V. is a Dutch consultancy firm that supports policy and decision makers, to help them formulate, monitor, and evaluate strategies for business model innovation, centred on sustainable transport innovation both in technology and processes. Panteia BV consists of a number of business units, acting as a partner for the European Commission, national governments, provincial governments, local councils, national and international organisations, trade associations and the business world in general.


For over sixty years, Panteia, notably through NEA Transport Research and Training, has specialised in research, consultancy, and training services in the area of transport, infrastructure, logistics and mobility. Its activities cover a broad field, encompassing all the economic and social aspects of both freight and passenger transport, for all modes.




Panteia’s main role in the project as an impact assessment consultancy will be backed by its consolidated background in European research projects. Panteia will be responsible for the impact assessment of the case studies deployed during this project within the WP9. In addition, Panteia will be involved in the tasks regarding this assessment while the technologies are validated in the different Demonstrators, translating it into CEF funded projects.