February 16, 2022


MJC² is a software house specialising in complex scheduling systems and optimisation algorithms, providing solutions covering areas such as multimodal transport, distribution scheduling, job/duty allocation, demand/workload forecasting and supply chain resilience optimisation.


MJC²’s software is used by large international logistics and manufacturing operations to help make their businesses greener, more efficient and more agile. In addition, MJC² participates in major EU research and innovation projects, leading the development of new optimisation solutions and algorithms that encourage modal shift and allow European and global logistics operations to become greener, while reducing congestion in transport networks.




MJC² will lead Task 6.3 of the PIONEERS project, implementing the innovative Cargo Flow Optimiser algorithms and applying them to complex multimodal freight transport operations around the Port of Antwerp. Their focus will be on the technical challenges of addressing very large optimisation problems of this nature, applying innovative logistics scheduling algorithms to facilitate dynamic planning.