February 16, 2022


Magellan is a non-profit private law association for the representation of Portuguese interests abroad and is engaged in the promotion and advocacy of entities abroad, namely near the European Union institutions. Magellan seeks to understand and identify trends and bring companies and other entities closer to the opportunities offered by European institutions, including public contracts, grants, and financial instruments.


In addition to supporting other entities applications, Magellan has a broad experience participating either as beneficiary or as subcontractor in large European consortia since 2014. The chief areas of Magellan’s work and specialisation are Transport, Environment and Circular Economy, which translate into large involvement in the deployment of a series of activities and projects in their realm: advocacy, consultancy, project management, communication, dissemination and access to funds and event organisation.




As leader of WP10 (Scale-Up: Cross-cooperation, Communication and Dissemination) and Task 3.2 (Identification of stakeholders and user needs), Magellan will play an important role in supporting communication of exploitable solutions for WP1 and offer expertise in the involvement of stakeholders in R&D activities, namely stakeholder identification, consultation, and engagement.