February 16, 2022


Macomi is a spin-off of Delft University of Technology with the goal to bring the latest academic developments on simulation and optimization software to companies and other institutes. To achieve this, Macomi works together with several international universities in Europe and in the USA.


Macomi is specialised in simulation-based decision support systems and predictive analytics, in order to foresee the future of their clients’ business environment and help them optimise resources, processes, and competencies to strengthen and sustain their competitive advantage. Macomi’s three major areas are related to workforce management, supply chains and transportation and logistics. In the transportation and logistics group, Macomi has extensive experience in simulation of rail networks, ports, waterways, and terminals.




Macomi will develop the artificial intelligence based optimization platform for the lock planning and real-time support for the traffic controllers. The aim of the optimization platform is to reduce and minimise the waiting times of vessels in port areas.