Green Deal Inland Shipping event 2024

Green Deal Inland Shipping event 2024

The Green Deal Inland Shipping (Green Deal Binnenvaart in Dutch) was set up to enable the launch of a new green era for Flemish logisticsIt is one of the 16 Flemish Green Deals that the government launched to stimulate and strengthen sustainable initiatives through voluntary, ambitious agreements between companies, organisations and the government. This initiative brings together key stakeholders such as De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, the Department of Mobility and Public Works (MOW), Port of Antwerp-Bruges, North Sea Port, the Federation of Belgian Inland Shipping, Knowledge Centre for Inland Navigation Flanders and VIL, and 78 other partners who want to contribute to the greening of inland shipping.


On 22 February 2024, Arne Strybos from PoAB attended an event at North Sea port as part of the Green Deal Inland Shipping InitiativeThe event provided updates on the various ongoing actions of the Flemish Green Deal inland shipping initiatives and introduced new insights and innovations in the field of fuels, batteries and autonomous shipping. Arne found the experience valuable, not only through sharing insights gained from PIONEERS but also by gaining inspiration from the initiatives of fellow partners.


Learn more about the Green Deal Inland Shipping Initiative here (available in Dutch only).


February 23, 2024