FIER Sustainable Mobility


February 17, 2022


FIER Sustainable Mobility, Netherlands (since 1995), is a consultancy and business development company, specialising in zero-emission mobility, logistics and (road) freight. Dedicated to sustainability and innovation, FIER develops and manages impact-driven (EU co-funded) projects and builds public-private-consortia. FIER supports local, national and EU public authorities in defining policies for electric mobility and (smart) charging infrastructure.




As the leader of Task 5.5., FIER will demonstrate, monitor and evaluate the operation of a zero-emission container handling vehicle in the port of Venlo. Together with FIER and other consortium members, the charging infrastructure and vehicle will be selected, purchased, and monitored in the operation of a selected group of users. Moreover, FIER will also work on the dissemination of outcomes of the demonstration and prepare for upscaling of these vehicles to e.g. other ports.