European Integrated Projects (EIP)


February 16, 2022

European Integrated Projects (EIP)

European Integrated Projects (EIP) is an SME consultancy company that provides consulting services for city authorities, operators, and the private sector. EIP primary fields of work are in project and consortium management, stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues, awareness-raising, communications and marketing on sustainability issues and securing funding and project support within European sustainable transport initiatives and EU structural funds.


EIP has a vast experience in stakeholder engagement as it has supported public authorities to improve their internal cooperation and the interaction with internal and external stakeholders.  EIP has additional experience in assessing user’s needs, as it has been involved in several projects where it researched both citizens’ and stakeholders’ needs. 




EIP will lead Task 2.2 (Understanding and addressing the stakeholders’ needs) and will have a strong role in Task 2.6 (Strategy for uptake of the Master Plan beyond the PIONEERS project lifetime). Moreover, EIP will also participate actively in the co-transferability of PIONEERS innovations, especially in Task 8.1 (Adapting and applying the Innovation and Implementation Framework for co-transferability).