European Inland Waterway Transport Platform


February 17, 2022

European Inland Waterway Transport Platform

The joint platform “European IWT Platform” is coordinated by the two associations (EBU and ESO) and it will strengthen the industry by participating pro-actively in the decision-making processes related to the areas covered by IWT’s Committees. These committees are focusing on human capital, greening of the fleet, nautical technical aspects, safety and security, as well as digitalization/automation.


IWT encourages innovation with respect to the fleet’s technical progress leading to even more environmentally friendly vessels. In addition, Inland Navigation should become more respected and better integrated in Europe’s Transport System and should be at the forefront when it comes to preparing this system for 2030 and beyond. Therefore, by making the platform more effective and efficient with the help of disruptive innovation and digitalisation, IWT will play a major role in this evolution.




IWT main involvement in the project will be the facilitation of cross-cooperation activities between sister projects, facilitating community building. IWT will also participate in the definition of scenarios and use cases, with the focus in multimodal flow scenarios.