February 17, 2022


e-GLM aims to broaden its scope and to be a network organisation for several electric/sustainable mobility related issues. Therefore, e-GLM’s main goal is to accelerate the uptake of sustainable/electric heavy-duty trucks and to ensure a future proof cleaner transport sector.  Another aspect which will be delivered in due time is related to setting up a structure based on sharing electric trucks and the smart use of strategic placed ultra-fast charging infrastructure, so the TCO (total cost of ownership) price will be lower than the conventional diesel.




As the leader of Task 5.5., e-GLM will have a strong contribution to the study of the viability of the latest available technology, e.g. by liaising with all major suppliers of zero emission trucks and charge point manufacturers. Together with e-GLM and other consortium members, the charging infrastructure and vehicles will be bought, implemented, and tested. Moreover, e-GLM will also work on the dissemination of outcomes of the testing.