February 16, 2022


CIMNE is an autonomous research and development centre. The Centre for Innovation in Transport (CENIT), a research group of CIMNE, has the aim to help find sustainable and innovative solutions for transportation and mobility. CENIT specialises in research, development and technology transfer projects using big data and econometric analysis, with experience covering the transport economy.


CENIT works closely with the Port of Barcelona and is a relevant stakeholder bringing scientific support to the Port Authority. Moreover, CENIT is also working on several research projects in collaboration with the Port of Barcelona related to Green Ports.




CENIT will lead the main tasks related to the development of a Master Plan of Energy Transition of the Port of Barcelona. Moreover, CENIT will work on the linked actions of the pilots by carrying out an analysis of the results as well as a comparison between the pilots of the lighthouse and the Port of Barcelona.


CENIT, being a Research Centre with previous knowledge regarding the local environment of the Port of Barcelona, will contribute to the innovation actions transferred from the lighthouse, such as Multimodal Container Planner, Modal shift by engaging employers in port and Digital Twin adoptions.