February 17, 2022


Buildwise is a private research institute aimed at the promotion of applied research in the construction industry, in order to improve its competitiveness. Buildwise main tasks are related to performing scientific and technical research for the benefit of its members, supplying technical information, assistance, and advice to its members, as well as to contribute to the general innovation and development in the construction sector, more specifically by performing contractual research upon the request of the industry and the authorities.




Buildwise, and specifically its laboratories Sustainable and Circular Solutions and Concrete Technology, have experience in researching and promoting “green” solutions for concrete and can be considered an authority in this field. Therefore, Buildwise will have a strong contribution to the development of concrete mixtures for quay walls and adjacent buildings using locally recovered and treated sand, as well as the demonstration of the suitability of the developed concrete mixtures in relevant environments.


In addition, Buildwise will perform LCA-analyses and calculation of ecological gains in the case of the new docks in the Port of Antwerp and will write a practical guide for the recovery of sand out of local soils for the use in concrete.