February 17, 2022


Automòbil Club Assistència, S.A. (ACASA) is a company from the Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) group, a non-profit organisation dealing with the promotion of motor sports, the provision of services to its members as well as the advice, information, protection, and advocacy of end users’ interests. Its main focus is related to the improvement of road safety, sustainable mobility, and environmental protection.


RACC is an end-user company with a long experience conducting and evaluating the results considering different aspects like acceptance and end-user experience together with other mobility related topics, which aims to contribute to the correlation of automation to MaaS.




RACC-ACASA will contribute to the development of tools for Multimodal access of end users to the port by using a MaaS Aggregator Platform in the Port of Barcelona, in order to enhance multimodality and lower dependency of individual motorised traffic. 


The aim is to investigate what are the requirements for passengers to access the port area with public transport and other alternative modes. During the pilot, RACC aims to develop the CityTrips platform with the user perspective in order to make the tool more attractive for non-local tourists. The results will increase the knowledge of the requirements stakeholders involved in mobility planning should enhance in order to improve multimodal mobility among the Port and the City.