Antwerp Euroterminal


February 16, 2022

Antwerp Euroterminal

Antwerp Euroterminal NV (AET) is the largest multipurpose terminal in Europe specializing in different types of cargo and processes breakbulk, containers, project cargo, heavy lifts, cars, and other RoRo-units on a daily basis.


Located in the Port of Antwerp, AET offers unrivalled connections to the main road, water, and railway networks in Europe, resulting in the aid with onward transport via truck, train, barge or coaster. Therefore, AET plays a pivotal role in keeping Europe’s trade moving, while benefiting its customers, partners, and the community. AET aims to maximise the use of green energy produced by the windmills to charge electrical vehicles, as well as the usage of batteries for peak shaving.




AET will participate in the demonstration of battery Storage and Smart Management of Green Energy in terminal operations as the leader of Task 4.5. Additionally, AET will contribute to the Impact Assessment and Process Evaluation.