Antwerp & Barcelona Stakeholder Workshops

Antwerp & Barcelona Stakeholder Workshops

During the first week of December, PIONEERS partners organised two stakeholder workshops for ports in Antwerp and Barcelona. Each workshop had the following structure: (1) Synopsis PIONEERS, (2) Presentation of demonstrators, (3) Interactive session to get to know the potential effect on the participant’s business, the level of interest and the exchange of the participants’ contact details, (4) Q&A session, followed by a survey to identify the high-level needs of the participants.


Organised by the Port of Antwerp, the first workshop took place online on 2 December, 2021 and counted with 50 participants.13 of those participants wanted to stay in touch with PIONEERS and its presented demonstrators. An overview of the level of contribution that each one wanted to bring to the table is represented in the following figure:



The physical PIONEER’s workshop in the Port of Barcelona, counted with more than 30 participants and included the most important stakeholders of the port and took place on 2 December, 2021. A total of 16 participants expressed their interest in PIONEERS and wished to be kept up to date regarding the progress made in the project.


The biggest interest and thus the highest need was expressed toward the implementation of new fuels in the port ecosystem, followed by the electric green last mile, cargo flow optimization and vessel traffic optimization. For the participants, the need was the lowest for on-shore wind production, tugboats on H2 & methanol and the automated container shuttles on the terminal.


December 5, 2021