February 16, 2022


Akkodis (now being the trademark of AKKA) is a global Smart Industry Powerhouse delivering Digital Engineering, IT, and Research & Development services in key industries: Automotive & Transportation; Aerospace & Defense; Energy & Clean Technology; Banking & Financial Services; Information & Communications Technology; Manufacturing & Logistics; Life Sciences & Healthcare. We are a diverse team of 50,000 engineers and digital experts, operating across 30 countries.

Akkodis has chosen autonomous technologies as a key element of its growth strategy and has perfectly anticipated the applications of autonomous systems in the mobility sector and has worked on several R&D topics on full autonomous driving. Akkodis Research combines new trends, technologies, and applications from a diverse range of sectors such as aerospace, automotive and railway, demonstrating a broad range of skills.




Akkodis’ main contribution to the project will focus on the development, implementation, and execution of a “Logistic-as-service” demo case enabling autonomous transport of containers at the Port of Antwerp in cooperation with VDL (OEM) and the Antwerp Terminals (MedRepair, MPET).