5-EU Green Deal projects for greener ports and airports

5-EU Green Deal projects for greener ports and airports

On January 31st, Inge de Wolf (PoAB), Pieter Vandermeeren (PoAB) and Manuela Flachi (Magellan) gathered at the Brussels Airport Company, for a working session with 4-Green Deal projects – OLGA, TULIPS, and MAGPIE, by invitation of Stargate.


The five EU Green Deals projects identified opportunities for collaboration, exploring the possibilities of enhancing synergies and tackling the current challenges the ports and airports face.


Moderated by Stargate’s Floris de Haan and Giuliano Mingardo, exciting speed dating sessions and thematic panel discussions took place on various themes, including hydrogen, green mobility and digitalisation, resulting in the agreement to meet again and set up expert working groups concerning hydrogen, KPIs, master planning and e-learnings.


PIONEERS project thanks all the participating projects for the intensive knowledge exchange, as said by Benjamin Bouzon from TULIPS, “today clearly showed that there is great potential in closer cooperation between ports and airports.”


We are looking forward to what’s to come!


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February 2, 2023